Introducing Project Wing



By: Google 

Originally Published on Aug 28, 2014

Project Wing is a Google[x] project that is developing a delivery system that uses self-flying vehicles. As part of our research, we built a vehicle and traveled to Queensland, Australia for some test flights. There, we successfully delivered a first aid kit, candy bars, dog treats, and water to a couple of Australian farmers. We’re only just beginning to develop the technology to make a safe delivery system possible, but we think that there’s tremendous potential to transport goods more quickly, safely and efficiently.

We’re looking for partners who can help us bring this technology to the world. If you’re interested, please fill out this form:

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Firework Safety Suit-Stand Inside a fireworks display

By: colinfurze

Published on Aug 21, 2014

Don’t do this at home! Safety First!!

Does what it says on the tin…..So thanks to a bit of hdroforming i’ve put together a steel suit so i can be INSIDE a fireworks display.

Big thanks to epicfireworks for supplying the fireworks as if had been left to me this video would not be so epic, i have set of many fireworks in my time but these are the best by far they even have rockets that blow up as cubes and cakes that chuck out cathrine wheels.Visit there online shop and stock up for your special event.…

To find out more about hydro forming see my other 2 videos here

Thanks to for supplying a drone which came in very handy. we used this model here.…

The fist song is by Heroic and is called storm go see there page

The last song is by March to the Grave and is called Big bad BoB…

There is a more in depth write up on my website here….

follow me on twitter

and my Facebook page…


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You Can Learn Anything #YouCanLearnAnything



We wholeheartedly agree!

By: Khan Academy

Originally Published on Aug 19, 2014

Khan Academy is on a mission to unlock the world’s potential. Most people think their intelligence is fixed. The science says it’s not.


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Jedi Kitten with the Force

By: FinalCutKing

This Jedi Cat has got the Force!
Thanks to Aaron for working on the video with me:
Andrew wrote awesome music:…
Zach’s Channel:

Watch the first Jedi Kittens here:…

My Facebook page – hit me up!

Special thanks to Mindy for letting us film with her adorable kitten, Gatsby.

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Red Bull Racing’s RB8 Tearing it Up in Infrared



By: FLIR Thermography

Published on Aug 21, 2014

FLIR, an innovation partner with Infiniti Red Bull Racing, had the opportunity to capture some great footage at GAMMA Racing Day 2014. Using a FLIR x6580sc infrared camera, we were able to capture in high speed, the Infiniti Red Bull car’s tires heating up as the driver burned rubber. Other thermal cameras used were the FLIR T650sc and the FLIR B660.

See more at

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Fight Spam and Save Shakespeare



By: sciencentral

Originally Uploaded on Dec 10, 2008

Who is digitizing all those old books so we can read them online? Surprisingly, the answer might just be you…

This ScienCentral News video explains how twenty million words a day are now digitized by regular internet users, thanks to a new anti-spam program called “re-captcha”.

** Note by:, Yes!, we use re-Captcha, so thank you for your help!.

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Peanut Butter and Jelly vs. Scar H Suppressed .308 at 25,000fps – GUNS in SLOW MO



By: CrazyRussianHacker

Originally Published on Aug 14, 2014

KGB Survivalist –…

This is just a fun little video trying out my slow motion camera with guns..

Check out my Website! ►

Subscribe to SlowMoLaboratory…

Don’t try this at home! Safety First!!

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Real Samurai Sword Technique – Cutting BB Gun pellet by Isao Machii – Japanese Katana Kenjutsu

By: kinsei1560

Originally Uploaded on Apr 30, 2011

Cutting pellet by Isao Machii (Guinness World Record holder). His Youtube Official Page

samurai katana tachi isao machii technique broad long sword tameshigiri war warrior knight load swordsmanship bushido bushi sword smith master weapon technology test cut cold steel armour armor iron steel machine gun century late middle ages early modern period east west western japan japanese europe european 日本刀 刀 太刀 剣 ソード ロングソード ブロードソード 騎士 武士 侍 騎士道 武士道 西洋 東洋 検証 実験 試し斬り 試し斬り 居合斬り 剣術 抜刀 居合 町井勲

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Sony — Underwater Apps — Goldie

By: Sony

Published on Aug 11, 2014

Save a fishy friend by dunking him in water. Introducing Underwater Apps for the waterproof Xperia Z1S. Learn more at

Our engineers invented new technology to let our phones know when they’re underwater. Our artists created a suite of Underwater Apps that shows what our phones can do underwater. Play with them, practice and have fun! Developers interested in furthering this new technology, visit…to get the code.

Download Underwater Apps now at…

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Hyundai : The Empty Car Convoy

By: HyundaiWorldwide

Originally Published on Jun 25, 2014

‘Smart Caring’ is Hyundai’s promise for customer satisfaction.
There was only one way to demonstrate Hyundai’s caring driver
assist features: put our drivers into an empty car convoy.
See for yourself how they work.

Smart technology to care for you, because we care for you.

To watch behind the scenes:
To find out more stories:

Hyundai Motor Company HQ insists that you DO NOT attempt any
of the stunts seen in the film. The systems are not substitutes for
safe driving, they are only meant to assist drivers for their safety
and convenience.

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