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Originally published on Jun 29, 2016

What does a cultural Big Bang look like? For Amit Sood, director of Google’s Cultural Institute and Art Project, it’s an online platform where anyone can explore the world’s greatest collections of art and artifacts in vivid, lifelike detail. Join Sood and Google artist in residence Cyril Diagne in a mind-bending demo of experiments from the Cultural Institute and glimpse the exciting future of accessibility to arts and culture.

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Jupiter: Into the Unknown (NASA Juno Mission Trailer)


By: NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Originally published on Jun 15, 2016

Secrets lie deep within Jupiter, shrouded in the solar system’s strongest magnetic field and most lethal radiation belts. On July 4, 2016, NASA’s Juno spacecraft will plunge into uncharted territory, entering orbit around the gas giant and passing closer than any spacecraft before. Juno will see Jupiter for what it really is, but first it must pass the trial of orbit insertion.

For more information: http://www.nasa.gov/juno and http://missionjuno.swri.edu

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Introducing SpotMini


By: Boston Dynamics

Originally published on Jun 23, 2016

SpotMini is a new smaller version of the Spot robot that weighs 55 lbs dripping wet (65 lbs if you include its arm.) SpotMini is all-electric (no hydraulics) and runs for about 90 minutes on a charge, depending on what it is doing. SpotMini is one of the quietest robots we have ever built. It has a variety of sensors, including depth cameras, a solid state gyro (IMU) and proprioception sensors in the limbs. These sensors help with navigation and mobile manipulation. SpotMini performs some tasks autonomously, but often uses a human for high-level guidance. For more information about SpotMini visit our website at www.BostonDynamics.com

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The Little Mermaid – A Magical Augmented Reality Book – Release summer 2016


By: Books & Magic

Originally published on Jun 21, 2016


We’re very proud to finally announce the release of our magical book, The Little Mermaid. On June 21st, the books will be released for sale, ready to purchase through our website with free worldwide shipping and in Danish bookstores. To start with we have a Danish and English language version of both the app and the book.

In Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale, the little mermaid had to wait years till the day of her 15th birthday, before she could emerge and see the world above the sea. Like the mermaid, we here at Books & Magic have been longing for years to share our magical book with you.

So mark your calendar: Sale starts on June 21! We are counting the days and look forward to sharing the magic with you!

About The Little Mermaid
Our magical Augmented Reality book ‘The Little Mermaid’ features the original fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen and all 3D scenes and games are directly related to the text and storyline. The app will be free to download and from Apple App Store and Google Play.

Please visit Book & Magic online to learn more about The Little Mermaid. Also, download the app and follow us on Facebook.

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The Routes of Cervantes


By: Google Cultural Institute

Originally published on Jun 8, 2016

Discover more on g.co/TheRoutesOfCervantes (English) or g.co/LasRutasDeCervantes (Spanish).

Download Google Arts & Culture mobile app for Android (https://goo.gl/POfJki) and iOS (https://goo.gl/ZhMPlV).

Writer. Soldier. Man. Myth. Miguel de Cervantes is a hugely important figure, often credited as the first modern novelist and one of the most significant writers of all time.

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World’s Easiest DIY Electric Train


By: Physics Girl

Originally published on Jun 7, 2016

How do you take copper wire, a battery and magnets and make electric train? With science! This super simple DIY physics demo uses electromagnetic induction to propel a train made of magnets and batteries.

Inspiring video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J9b0J…
Ferrofluid and glowsticks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RtBtD…
7 surface tension experiments: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WsksF…

Creator: Dianna Cowern
Animator: Kyle Norby

Thanks to Dan Walsh and Kyle Kitzmiller.

Music: APM and YouTube

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How NASA pulled off the Pluto flyby


By: The Verge

Originally published on Jun 6, 2016

Nearly a year ago, NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft flew by Pluto, marking the first time a vehicle had visited the dwarf planet. Alan Stern, principal investigator of the New Horizons mission, sat down with The Verge to discuss how the engineering team pulled off the mission and what we’ve learned from the flyby so far.

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