360 Camera Wingsuit Test – 00565


By: WingsuitRR

Originally Published on Mar 13, 2015

Twin Otter Exit With 360 Camera – 00567

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To view the 360 degree experience please make sure you are watching on the latest version of Google Chrome on your desktop or the latest version of Android on your smart phone. This feature is in the prerelease phase on YouTube. Please bear with me as we learn the technology from filming to post production. The camera companies, myself, post production software companies and YouTube have all been working together on trying give you some insane content with the latest in technology. Thanks for your understanding in this learning curve. Other browser support and iOS should be available soon before the official launch.

Other note: My cameras don’t film full spherical. I had to literally 3D print a housing to try and line the cameras up enough to stitch for the full spherical experience. I wasn’t paid to create these videos and it cost a lot to produce so I at least wanted to share what I learned. Over the next couple months you will be blown away with what I create after having learned from this experience. Thanks again for all your support!!!

To Learn More About Wingsuiting Click Here: http://www.Reddit.com/r/Wingsuiting

This is my video log book as a wingsuit pilot. This is not necessarily intended for entertainment use but as a way for me to reference my jumps in conjunction with my log book. If you do enjoy it… Great! Hopefully you can learn and grow from my trials and errors.





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