3D printed chain lifts car — HP Multi Jet Fusion™ Technology



By: HP Graphic Arts

Originally Published on Oct 29, 2014

Watch as a 1/4 lb 3D printed chain link, created using new HP Multi Jet Fusion™ Technology, lifts a car straight off the ground! Learn more about HP Multi Jet Fusion™ Technology here:http://budurl.com/HPMultiJetFusion3D

HP’s Multi Jet Fusion™ technology offers a unique combination: quality that combines strength, accuracy, resiliency and finish for an overall product that is not currently possible at the speed and price HP is planning to deliver to market.

Not only does it deliver ten times faster(1) speeds, HP Multi Jet Fusion™ technology offers new levels of part quality. HP’s proprietary multi-agent printing process, where multiple liquid agents are applied by HP Thermal Inkjet arrays, can drive new levels of accuracy with uniform part strength in all three axis directions. Also offering full-color 3D print solutions, breakthrough economics(2), an open platform for materials innovation and more, HP Multi Jet Fusion™ Technology is a disruptive 3D printing technology for a new era of manufacturing.

(1) Based on internal HP testing of part build time, for a set of representative parts in batch process comparing HP Thermal Inkjet based HP Multi Jet Fusion™ technology to the leading 3D printing technologies in the U.S.—selective laser sintering (SLS) and fused deposition modeling—as of October 2014.
(2) HP Multi Jet Fusion™ technology leverages proprietary HP Thermal Inkjet technology, enabling lower cost systems that output similar quality to more expensive devices—such as selective laser sintering (SLS)—and speed.

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