White Water Turtles!

By: Brave Wilderness

Originally published on May 31, 2017

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In this segment of On Location, Coyote and the crew go white water rafting on their day off!

Of course what would a day off be if not full of awesome animal encounters? On this adventure the crew spot both a Bald Eagle and some speedy Sonoran Mud Turtles.

Will Coyote being able to catch one of these speedy white water turtles from the raft?

Get ready to find out!

HUGE THANKS to Mild to Wild Rafting and their amazing staff for making this experience possible! We can’t wait to go rafting with you again!

To book your own rafting adventure at one of Wild to Mild’s many location please visit http://bit.ly/mild2wild

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Flyboard Air Demo at Flyboard World Cup Championship​ in Naples, FL


By: Atlantic Flyboard

Originally published on Sep 20, 2016

Flyboard Air Demo at Flyboard World Cup Championship​ in Naples, FL

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Great White Sharks 360 Video 4K!! – Close encounter on Amazing Virtual Dive


By: Curiscope

Originally published on Jan 7, 2016

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Award Winning CGI Cardboard/360 Experience. To find out more about Curiscope, head to http://www.curiscope.com

The Great White Shark, one of the most infamous and mysterious predators on the planet. Watch our 360 3D Virtual Reality adventure, created in CGI, as you see Great Whites closer than you’ve ever been able to before and then register on www.curiscope.com to find out more.

For the full effect please use the YouTube app on your IOS or Android mobile device or on the desktop, please view using Chrome.

CGI Directed by Hamilton+Kidd (http://www.hamiltonkidd.co.uk/)
Music by Sam Swallow
VO by Natalie Samson & Rennie Griffiths
Sound Design by Mixed Immersion (http://www.mixedimmersion.com/)
Fact checking by The Shark Trust (http://www.sharktrust.org/)

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And on Twitter at

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Trailer: As It Is – A Grand Canyon VR Documentary in 360 Video


By: 360 Labs

Originally published on Oct 2, 2015

Join an expedition of a lifetime through the Grand Canyon and learn why President Theodore Roosevelt asked America a hundred years ago to “Leave it as it is.” In stunning 360º video for Virtual Reality, “As It Is: A Grand Canyon VR Documentary” will take you on a journey down the mighty Colorado River to see the Grand Canyon as too few do, from the bottom, looking up. You will run it’s biggest whitewater rapids. You will explore its narrow slot canyons. You will travel through “geologic time” as you glide through the Vishnu Schist. And you will learn, what too few people have been down there to see…what could be lost if development shatters this vast wilderness.

“As It Is: A Grand Canyon VR Documentary” was shot with GoPro cameras and Freedom360 3D-printed arrays onboard two, week long trips with Western River Expeditions by 360 Labs cofounders, Matt Rowell, Thomas Hayden, and Brad Gill. It was made possible by the generous support of our Kickstarter.com backers, our families and partners, and both the river and the VR communities. Special thanks to river buddy and fellow 360º explorer, Daniel Luke Holton, and Richard Moore for lending his incredible voice.

As millions of people discover virtual reality over the next few years, we know that if we can take them down into the Grand Canyon, it will inspire them to make the effort to protect wild places for the rest of their lives, as it has us.

We are in editing now on the full documentary, which we expect to launch across all VR/360º video platforms this winter. Please enjoy the trailer and share with your social networks!

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The Best Water Slide We’ve Ever Seen – Waterpark Rave


By: Art Fido.com

Originally Published on Jun 15, 2015

Check out this amazing dance party water slide at the Bad 1 Water Park in Bremerhaven, Germany!

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Pinterest/Instagram: @artfido
Twitter: @artfido

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