2016 Christmas Light Show – Lights on Pascolo


By: Lights on Pascolo

Originally published on Nov 26, 2016

We are back for a second year and added many new lights and features to our show this year. The camera was a bit overwhelmed with the brightness of the lights so some things are washed out but hopefully this is still enjoyable to watch. Thanks and Merry Christmas!

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Giant Star Wars LEGO Super Star Destroyer Shattered at 1000 fps | Battle Damage



Originally Published on May 4, 2015

What better way to celebrate Star Wars Day than by watching a Super Star Destroyer shatter in slow-motion?
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Giant Star Wars LEGO Super Star Destroyer Shattered at 1000 fps | Battle Damage

Starring: Justin Johnson and Erik Beck Music:
Hey You (Instrumental) by: Pigeon John
So Ganster (Instrumental) by: Pigeon John

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Floppy music DUO – Imperial march. ( Star Wars )


By: Paweł Zadrożniak

Originally Uploaded on Sep 26, 2011

Here’s what polish AGH University of Science and Technology do in their free time. My another useless device – Imperial March played by two floppy disk drives.
Homepage: http://silent.org.pl/home/
Post in English: http://silent.org.pl/home/2011/09/29/…
Po polsku: http://silent.org.pl/home/2011/09/25/…
Read the note about the next video:http://silent.org.pl/home/2011/10/03/…

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