“Vivaldi Tribute” (Patrick Rondat) Tina S cover


By: Tina S

Originally published on Jul 29, 2013

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“Vivaldi Tribute”, played by Tina (14 y.o.), played on her Vigier Excalibur
Filmed and taught by Renaud Louis-Servais (http://www.youtube.com/renaudls)

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Asturias – Isaac Albeniz Played by John Williams



Originally Uploaded on Mar 4, 2007

Asturias(Leyenda) – Isaac Albeniz played by John Williams

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Rodrigo y Gabriela NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert


By: NPR Music

Originally Published on Oct 19, 2009

I can’t think of a better way to describe the music of Rodrigo y Gabriela than with three words: “heavy metal flamenco.” And yet the duo doesn’t play heavy metal — its members perform instrumentals on nylon-string guitars — nor does it play Spanish dance music. But the term fits because the pair’s fierce guitar riffs feel powerfully electric, and because Rodrigo y Gabriela’s rhythmic style showcases a frenetic strum that conjures the energy of flamenco.

The duo have just released a new album titled, 11:11, which pays tribute to the pair’s heroes — Jimi Hendrix, Carlos Santana, Astor Piazzolla and Pantera’s Dimebag Darrell. They recently performed a few tracks for the NPR Music Tiny Desk series including “Hanuman” and “Buster Voodoo.”

The Official Rodrigo and Gabriela Website is at http://www.RodGab.com

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Rodrigo y Gabriela. Tamacun – Jools Holland


By: Rodrigo y Gabriela

Tamacun performed live on Jools Holland. Taken from the self titled album Rodrigo y Gabriela

Note by: HottestWebVideos.com Awesome Guitar Playing!

Official Website of Rodrigo and Gabriela http://www.rodgab.com

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