Fantastic Fungi: Coming ‘Shroom

By: Louie Schwartzberg

Published on Mar 12, 2015

Join Louie Schwartzberg as he makes a film about the role fungi can play in solving our planet’s gravest problems! His next film project, Fantastic Fungi, is now LIVE on Kickstarter!

Kickstarter Link:

We’ve pulled together the biggest change agents in environmental activism – Paul Stamets, Dr. Andrew Weil, Lyn Lear, Michael Pollan, as well as many others. And Louie will be behind the camera calling the shots!

An all-star team of artists, scientists, doctors, and explorers are joining forces to create a mind-bending, life-affirming film about the mushroom and its mysterious root-like structure: mycelium. What they reveal will blow your mind, and possibly save the planet!

Kickstarter Link:

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Operate your mobile device from behind your screen, as well as the front, with this unique case, by

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Help VR Save Grand Canyon!


What is a VR Documentary?

Virtual Reality (VR) can take you to another place and time, real or imagined. At 360 Labs, we focus on photorealistic, cinematic VR with 360º video. Basically, we shoot video in all directions with specially designed 360º camera arrays. We stitch all of the video together into a “sphere of view” that is wrapped around you when wearing VR headsets, moving your mobile device, or clicking and dragging on your desktop screen
It’s like Google Street View, but in video.

Explore the Grand Canyon in 360º video via YouTube in Chrome (Click and drag on desktop)and on Android (YouTube app – move your device)

Link to Kickstarter page>

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Kano: A computer anyone can make



How to make a computer in 107 Seconds

Kano is the first computer kit for everybody.

Make, play, code, and level yourself up.

Sign up:


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