Family Is Why


By: American Heart Association

Originally published on Nov 18, 2015

Being a mom isn’t easy. Especially when it comes to making sure your family lives a healthy lifestyle. Relax mom. The American Heart Association has your back.

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Why moms get NOTHING DONE

By: Esther anderson

Originally Published on Feb 18, 2015

Moms work their buns off all day and yet somehow nothing is done at the end of the day…this is why.

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Maria and Eunice Shriver: The Gift My Mother Gave Me

Published on May 3, 2013

We all owe who we are to our mother’s devotion. In this film Maria Shriver tells the story of how her mother, Eunice Shriver, founded Special Olympics, broke through social barriers, and in doing so, showed Maria the gift of possibility.

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